Austintown Fitch High School


Falcotech has two branches of fundraising.  One is for our robot - we need to build a new one for competition every year... in excess of $10,000!  So yes, we need your help!  Another fundraising branch is for our students.  We help our students raise the money to travel during competition season.  Our students usually travel to two competitions every year (Pittsburgh and Cincinnati) . We also aspire to compete at the National level and hope to assist our students in paying to travel to that site somewhere in the United States (last 2 years - St. Louis, MO)



Everyone is invited to become a sponsor of FALCOTECH #3193 Robotics Team.

Please make all checks payable to the school.   Thank you.

 FIRST Robotics Competition Overview - PDF

FIRST Robotics Sponsorship - PDF

FALCOTECH #3193 Sponsorship Letter

FALCOTECH #3193 - Sponsor Tiers

FALCOTECH #3193 - Mentor/Sponsor Form

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